(OSX) Maratis-3.21-beta-osx10.6
(WIN) Maratis-3.21-beta-win32
(LINUX) Maratis-3.21-beta-linux-x86

Blender plugin : maratis_exporter_blender266(v2)

Source code

(SVN) checkout


If you want to contribute documentation or tutorials, please contact us in the forum.
If you want to report bugs and patchs, it’s here.

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Achim Luebbeke ; Lim Frederick ; Guillaume GASNIER ; Alvaro F Celis ; Ake Mora ; Temnerud ;
LeoMoon Studios ; Mario Pišpek ; KAI – TING KO ; François Gutherz : Cubevisions Software ;
Isak Andersson ; David Lannan ; Zester ; Michael Baudais

Davide Bacchet ; Skumancer ; Sergey Pershin ; Mario Pišpek ; Nistur ; Skaiware ; Sponk
(and more…)

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