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Maratis/Blender video tour

Hi, here is a simple video tour showing how Maratis and Blender are working together to create a basic game using « Yo Frankie » assets. Yo Frankie (c) copyright Blender Foundation |

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First donation !

Thanks a lot to Achim Luebbeke for the first donation made ! It is very generous and helpful ! Thank you so much. Anaël.

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Performance improvement and new example

A new release of Maratis is ready ! Maratis 3.02 – Download – Bug fixes and performance improvement. – New example using Blender Yo-Frankie models and dynamic shadows  : Tutorials are coming soon.

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Mac OSX beta and scons build system

Hi ! Current Maratis package is now ready for Mac OSX : Download I would like to thank Davide Bacchet (dbacchet) for his huge work on creating a scons build system and reworking the folder structure. Anaël.

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