Maratis 3.1 beta test

It’s time to test a new version of Maratis, fresh from svn :

You can find builds for windows, mac and linux here :

And the new features are !

Editor :

- File packing system and publishing (File > Publish Project) : thanks to Nistur !
- Object list selection and custom shortcut : by Mario Pispek
- Focus selection (‘F’ key), parent field (transform tab) : by Sergey Pershin
- Faster loading when published
- General Bug correction and improvement


- Behavior drawing in-game / in-editor and M_VARIABLE_TEXTURE_REF variable
- Physics rayHit and multiple collision test
- Camera scene layer system and render to texture system

Script :

- rayHit
- quit, to quit the game from script
- getScene
- getObject modified to access other scenes
- getClone to clone objects from script
- enableCameraLayer and disableCameraLayer
- enableRenderToTexture and disableRenderToTexture

Thanks to everybody for the contributions, the forum moderation, the patchs, the documentation and more !



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2 réponses à Maratis 3.1 beta test

  1. xaedro dit :

    Good work, thank you!
    I love Marathis phylosophy.

  2. xaedro dit :

    sorry I meant Maratis