Saturated bandwitch

Because of high traffic, website access will probably suffer in the following days, I’m trying to find a way and pay more bandwitch, but I will maybe need to move the web to sourceforge.

[Edit] Everything should be ok, hosting is now sponsorised by Celeonet ! Thank you !

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3 réponses à Saturated bandwitch

  1. qubodup dit :

    sure, move it to :) make sure to use the same URL though if you keep the same blog system

    Oh, speaking of the blog system, I’m having a weird look at the site in Firefox 3.6.13:

  2. anael dit :

    My web-hoster is maybe ok to sponsor the bandwitch, lets see.
    That’s strange, I’m also uging firefox 3.6.13 on both windows and mac…
    Is this only happening in the Home page ?

  3. Mani dit :

    Comment faites-vous de trouver une nouvelle place pour le site?