Welcome !

After years of hard work and a rather lonely journey, I’m proud to present the first-release candidate of Maratis. I believe that Maratis will be invaluable to professionals and students alike, and will respond perceptively to their most primary concern – creation.

A long-time admirer of the Blender Foundation and the open-source community, I’m convinced that sharing and exchange are the way forward. If a single human being with strong, simple ideas can realize huge things with just effort and time – imagine what a lot of people can do. This is the future, and not just of software.

Welcome to Maratis.


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8 réponses à Welcome !

  1. Tom Purnell dit :

    Congratulations on the RC :). Eight years is a long time. A labour of love?

    • anael dit :

      Yes it’s really a long time :)
      I did this software because I’m first a graphic artist, it’s love for images, and this quind of obsession pushing you when you have a vision.

  2. Christophe Leyder dit :

    It’s really clean and has alot of potential :)
    May I ask, Is keyframed animated events, triggered or not available? (yet)

    I look forward to playing around with this :)

  3. Alex dit :

    I’m not clear yet how Maratis will fit in my tool set but I sure hope it can find a place. I like your UI design, clean and simple, not taking the thunder away from the GL scene.

    I’m on OSX and iOS and look forward to your releases for these platforms so that I can see what I can make of this.

    Suggestion: a mailing list so that interested parties like me can be notified at the right time.


  4. Xavier DAUCHY dit :

    Congratulation Anael !

    Your engine still look real good and it’s now that it’s open source people will be able to add features to it !

    • anael dit :

      Xavier ! Salut !
      J’espère que tu vas bien, ça fait plaisir de te voir ici,
      merci pour ton commentaire !
      A bientôt.

  5. Drew dit :

    This program looks very promising. I downloaded it, and it seems fairly straight forward and easy to use. I’ve used programs like Torque and Unity, and this feels a lot like those, minus the huge price tag. I don’t know yet if this is anywhere near as powerful, but I see a couple games were already made on this for Iphone. I’m downloading those to check them out. This is by far the best looking free program I’ve seen yet.

  6. AzulValium dit :

    Congrats from Argentina !